Thursday, January 8, 2009


Standing outside admiring the sunshine,
As I stared into the future with an alluring smile,
The convincing, enduring speech,
The kinda heart which does not lurch;

Sudden confusion annexing my heart,
As I stared bluntly into the screen,
A moment of dead silence,
Listening to my heart sink;

A thought of might and maybe,
Making me lose the truth sight,
Friendship being on the stake,
The kinda risk I cannot afford to take…

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cruelty :(

I watched this 7 minutes video clip on pets. Not how cute they are - Not how much of change they can bring to us - Not how much of a companian they can be...But, about cruelty and our lack of humanity,maybe we are confused with the term humanity. Its not only toward human u know... It was 7 minutes of hell.
Despite the fact that we hear from all over the world how much pets can help human to live a better life, some of us decide to ignore it as a fact and turn the other way and yet claim ourselves to be a 6 sensed being. So much of ignorance in our side isnt?
The voluntary pets services like the SPCA try their best to find a home for stranded pets. Sometimes due to circumstances, they have to choose a painful path to put them to sleep. Thats one thing. What really hurts is that the fate we create for them and somehow make ourselves to believe that its for their best. About 6 million dogs die or being put to sleep anually due to disease, injury, strayed, ignored, abandoned and being shot. And circumstances we call.... Knock a little sense and ask yourself, isnt us who contributed to this painful sin? Cant we stop it if we want to?!!!Euthanasia is on way of killing the pets in the name of mercy. Dumping pets to a gas chamber as we allow them to suffocate and die....Or cervical dislocation where they literally break the poor animal's spine and leave them to die....Or exsanguination, what we call as fatal blood loss...Does it sound like mercy? This maybe because lethal injection is not affordable or rather our shallow thinking that human are somehow more superior to that of pets.... Maybe God's greatest mistake was thinking that we deserve pets when we obviously dont know how to appreciate them. We have to start from somewhere to stop this. Baby steps.... The next time you think you wanna adopt a pet, stop a while and ask yourself this...."Isit he/she for for your temporary fun or for their basic right to live? "

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prison Break

Looking for something nice to watch? something which keeps your heart beating? something keeps your brain guessing? something keeps every cell of your body active? Well, ive just the right show for you... PRISON BREAK!Justify Full
Girls...You have to watch. Wentworth Miller is on his feet with his extraordinary action and incredibly hot features.
Guys...Come on. Which guy doesnt want a lil' spice of action in his life? This is the kick-ass show for all guys.
This is no normal, slow moving show. Every episode passes by without notice, and believe me, the real hard part is to wait for the next episode to air. This is a, nope actually THE show which will keep you alive and moving for the 43 minutes. You will not take your eyes of screen. Just as i thought everything comes to an ending at the end of season 3, the writer comes up with mind-blowing twist and as a result...season 4 is a blast. There are sweet, cute romance here and there. If you are bored of Grey's Anatomy where everyone sleeps with everyone (no offence, believe me im a big fan of Grey's myself...never missed an episode) watch Prison Break. Serious, fast moving, excellent show.
Who will die? Who lives? Do they have to keep running? Will they be imprisoned? Will Michael Scofield and Linchon Burrow's life be normal again? Will Sara's prayer be answered? For those who watch Prison Break...Dont Miss Season 4. Those who havent...Find Out.


Friends...They stick up for each other~despite whether or not their support is being acknowledged. We don't exactly expect much from what we do...just friendship.

What kind of friend allows their friend to be taken advantage of? Was i too afraid to step up? Was i too shocked to speak? Too embarrased? I don't know what position i was in then...But i know NOW...the guilt is eating me from inside. I should have said something when i had the chance, now i guess its too late. Im on the guilt train in the fastest speed ever...

If i could i would turn back the time and change everything. I took in the wrong stance, I chose a selfish path, and now im stuck at a dead end. I may not have pulled the trigger but i sure did contribute. I'm sorry...i really am. Not for you but for myself. You may not realised what i did to you. How would you know? You have always seen the best in me. If there is a next time, I promise not to let you down...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Darling!!!!

Wheeee...Now that exams are over, i can finally blog. Exams were quite tough. Anyway, im gonna take my mind off the exams these two weeks. At least that was our agreement right guys? Wat are my plans for the holidays? Nothing much, the normal wasting time, watching all the movies on theatre, spend time with family&friends, shopping, and more shopping. Ohh wait and of course finish watching my Will & Grace episodes, my most favourite sitcom at the moment. It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E....
Anyway, wat have i been doing so far...In Diwali mood i guess...cant wait for all my cousins to be here. We are gonna have so much fun together. Yay! Hope there's some cute guys at the Diwali Open House...Someone worth blogging about :P Guess i'll be busy cleaning around the house and SHOPPING of course. The best part of any festive season is the shopping which comes with it :)
A part of me wishes that i am with my friends at KK right now. It wud be fun hanging out with them....Its always pleasure being around them...Bet there'd be loads of laughter and crapping. I am always the one getting left out in the fun the time at Euphoria on Susu's b'day :( Today is not about me...Its all about my dearest friend, Pauline... Its her birthday. Ohhh, my little girl has grown (tear of happiness). So, here is my wish for u, Pau....
"H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y. Many many happy returns of the day. May all your wishes come true. Wishing you loads and loads and loads of happiness today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. Lets pass our finals with flying colours and go to sem 5 successfully. And of course I Love You. Friends Forever,Boys Watever..... Hugs. I hope you had a great time at KK. Tell me all about it. And yes of course i will learn how to eat raw sushi without puking....LOL..."
~Tata For Now~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Small World...

What a small world it is...I never actually believed that but somewhere in my heart, i know that the fact. My closest fren, Charu..and my other good fren, Devs are cousins and i never knew that...until today at least. i dunno whether they are excited but i sure am. wheeee. these are the two different people i tell everything happening in my life...mostly everything. The point is...i still cant believe it. These are the small things in life which drives us to wake up the next day just to see how surprising the day can be. So when people tell you, its a small world..believe them...its a freaking small world...
Everyday, something unbelievable happens...lets see what awaits tomorrow :)


Being forgotten is one thing i cant live with...but it happens in everyone's life. Well, it affects some of us profoundly while in others, its just another phase of life. Its weird how phone doesnt ring for days when u need it the most. Recently, i had this huge exam which i was so freaked out about and none of my family members actually called and wished. Its normal for some people but its way to weird for family...i recieve call 3 times from dad, mum and both my sisters before exam. One is the night before exam to check whether i sleep on time. Once early morning to check how am i doing and lastly before the exam itself. So, being used to this tradition, it kinda affected me when i din recieve a single call the morning of exam, and waiting for a call before entering the hall is the worse. All it takes was a sms saying Good Luck. Maybe i forgot to tell them but im pretty sure i did...or maybe they just forgot... Getting used to a tradition is so easy, the hurt they put u in when someone breaches it, is very disheartening. Not being superstitious, not being pathetic, not being too attached....Just used to it. However, like how the Afghans say Zendagi migzara. Life goes on.